What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Free Sample CV Template?


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There are numerous websites which offers free CV templates but most the job seekers who use these templates were disappointed because of they didn't get any positive responses from the employers or organizations.


• By using free CV templates, these templates don't make the CV that looks unique. As CV is the person's introduction or even answer to likely interview questions which Template CVs couldn't fulfill.
• Block the creativity of job seeker.
• Templates lack the sigh of creativity and originality and the recruiter judge the job seeker on the appearance of the CV.


• It gives the information about the tools and writing styles the other job seekers will also use and thus this style is standard.
• It gives a standard outline and format.
• It helps as a guideline and gives information regarding what is needed in the CV and what is the current market trend.

The majority of recruiters have to evaluate loads of CVs in a limited time span. They don't have much time to have a detail look at each CV. They usually scan the piles of CVs and discard CVs that is not attractive. Only the CVs which are shortlist get a chance of second look. Majority of recruiters select the CVs on the bases of originality, format, content and lay-out.

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