Can I Access A CV Template On My Computer?


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Yes. Go to 'Start' and then click on 'New Office Document'. Click on the 'Other Documents' tab and click on one of the options. Click on 'Resume Wizard'. The wizard will take you through a number of steps, and you can select the style that you want for the CV etc. You can enter the content which you want to be included in your CV into the wizard and it will create the CV for you.

The Resume Wizard contains a number of styles which you can access from the 'Other Document' tab rather than in the wizard. So if you want a quick CV and don't want to bother with the wizard, then choose one of the other options to begin with. With these, you just need to delete the template text and replace it with you own.
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Tim O'Shea
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Great thanks, it's good to able to make a CV directly on my PC without using the internet. Does the Microsoft website offer CV templates directly?
Louise Gorman
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Hi Wildfire, yes I think there may be some templates on offer on the Microsoft website. If you type in 'CV Templates' in the search bar on the Microsoft website there should be a link to Microsoft Office Online which offers lots of templates. Hope this helps!
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It is not common knowledge Word CV templates are not the best use of a your time. When a CV is sent to major recruitment agencies, your CV is processed before anyone in a decision-making role sees it. The key information contained in the CV is extracted, reformatted and placed in a database where it can more easily be searched and accessed by recruiters and hirers. So everything but the raw information is discarded. You may wanto to adopt an online CV template which uses the HR XML standard format, adopted by recruiters. One such template is iprofile, although there are others. More info here, if you are interested in reading more

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