Can You Give The Types Of Retail Operation?


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Types of retail operations
There area variety of retail operations depending on the type of ownership, kinds of goods handled stores location. Various types of retail trading houses are;
1- hawkers and paddlers
They sell goods by moving door to door.
2- street traders
They sell goods on pavements or busy road's corner.
3- market traders
Market retailers sell goods at periodical markets such as Sunday markets.
4- independent retailers
They own and operate their own shops.
5- general store
They keep a wide variety of products mostly needed by the residents of the locality.
6- speciality stores
They keep a limited or restricted line of products.
7- departmental stores
The departmental stores are large scale retail stores. It is organized on the departmental basis.

8- super markets
Supermarkets are large stores which concentrate specially on food and house hold goods.
9- hyper markets
They are gigantic supermarkets which deal with wide variety of goods.
10- discount houses
They are also called discount departmental stores show the recent development in the distribution of products.
11- retail cooperatives
The retail cooperatives are the agencies which serve the members in the supply of mostly the consumer products. The profits if any, is divided among the members in proportion to their purchase from the society.

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