What Qualifications Do I Need To Work In The Retail Industry?


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Louise Gorman answered
Unless you are looking for a managerial role, then there are no particular qualifications required, though GCSEs in maths and English may be useful.

Most shops offer a training programme for employees, where you may attend college once a week in order to be trained to NVQ level. The main skill that you will need for a retail job is operating the cash register. Most shops will provide training for this, though there are some that prefer applicants to have had some experience beforehand.

Retail is a good option if you are looking to climb the career ladder. There are usually promotions on offer. You can get promoted to supervisor, assistant manager and then manager, for example. If you inexperienced, then perhaps you could start off by applying for a job at a small shop, such as a charity shop. If you do this then you will at least have something to put on your C.V. when you wish to work with a company that prefers you to have experience.

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