How Much Money Do Teachers Make In California?


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The salary scales differ according to each district or area, the level of qualification and experience the teacher has. Someone with a Master’s Degree and a few years of teaching experience under their belt will generally earn a considerable amount more than a new teacher.

According to Teacher, California has the highest paid teachers in the nation, but they are also faced with the highest cost of living. However, some schools in the richest neighborhoods are known to pay less due to the higher demand for these positions. A report by the Sacramento Bee in January 2011 indicates that the average pay for a California teacher was $67,932. The report also found that school districts in Montecito, Mountain View, Portola Valley, Laguna Beach, Los Gatos and Woodside, where teachers had experience ranging from 11 to 22 years, earned over $90,000.

Teachers may often be given the opportunity to earn more than their base income with after school activities, private tutoring etc. Extra work may also be offered to those who wish to take part in summer camps during summer vacation. It is important to note that California law requires each district to contribute to the State Teachers Retirement System (STRS). This is often not included in the salary figures as well as other required insurance and health plans e.g. Retirement arrangements, professional development, health insurance etc. So check with the school before you secure a deal.

As higher education and prior experience are factors determining how much you will get as a teacher, it is advisable to gain as much experience through volunteer work and helping out in schools to gain extra points. You probably won’t get paid for spending an afternoon or weekend taking part in afterschool lessons and activities but your efforts may be rewarded in the future.
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According to The American Federation of Teachers, average teacher's salary in california is $54,348, which is almost 10k more than the average US tearcher's salary ( $44,367).
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Go on to and you can see who is hiring and what they were paying. The salary scales are on each district's website. I have 4 years experience and a masters degree. I was making 60,000 in the bay area and had mostly paid benefits. I moved to another area of California and my pay dropped to 40,000 with no benefits.
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Well in baja california around la and san diego I would say like 50,000 well it depends what kind of teacher you are

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