Does A Pharmacist Make Good Money?


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Yes! Pharmacists make around $100,000 a year in the USA according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

That is an average figure though and doesn’t take in to account the length of service and geographical location. For example, a pharmacist in California could be making $20,000 more a year than one in Washington.

Similarly, in the UK, a newly qualified pharmacist in Wales can expect jobs paying £20,000 a year (approx $32,000) whereas in London, this figure would be more like £30,000 ($49,000). This could rise to £50,000-£60,000 ($81,000-$98,000) for pharmacists with 20 years of experience.

There is also a difference in salary depending on whether you are based in a hospital, a community pharmacy or at home and also whether you are on-call out of normal hours.

Community pharmacists work at the frontline of healthcare in cities, towns and villages usually from a doctor’s surgery or healthcare centre. Hospital-based pharmacists get involved with the treatment of patients on the wards.
Academic pharmacists work from universities, teaching and researching new medicines. Then there are industrial pharmacists who work to create drugs that can be marketed all over the world. So the role can be varied depending on where you are, and so can the pay.

When considering a career in pharmacy, you should look beyond the size of the pay packet as the benefits are further reaching.
For a start, you help people and that brings a great deal of satisfaction. You also become an important part of community life where you live. There are opportunities to work abroad because your skills are in demand worldwide and there are lots of career path options.
Pharmacists are the country's main experts in medicines and the pharmacy is one of the fastest growing areas of healthcare.
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As salaries of every person vary by both position he/she holds and geographical location. Like wise even a Pharmacist salary differs with his/her position held and location. The most surprising part is that contrary to any normal business in rural locations these professionals are paid much more higher than their other urban counterparts. This is because it is harder to find one and if it is a good one than all measures are taken care to retain them. Eg. In Washington State, pharmacists make upto 85,000 dollars a year whereas in California they make upto $100,000 a year.    As per the U.S. Department of labour records, median yearly wage and salaries of the Pharmacists in 2002 were $77,050. In the industries where a large number of Pharmacists are employed their salaries as per year 2002 were follows:    Grocery stores: - $78,270  General medical and surgical hospitals: - $76,620.    A regular pharmacists would earn at the start of his career as fresher is $40 an hour or a little above. A boy in his internship would make around $10 an hour or a little less. On an average a pharmacists puts in 40 hours per week as their working hours for which they can make upto $107,000. This is as per a pharmacist working at a hospital in North Carolina in 2006.
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I'm a pharmacist in california, last year I worked 3 12hours per week at my regular job. Then picked up extra shifts. Always had 2 days off per week and made close to $170,000. I was shocked myself.
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Pharmacists tend to earn a respectable amount of money. Obviously pharmacists do not earn as much as doctors do, but that is because doctors invest more time and money in their education in order to specialize, etc. Also, doctors have to deal with the huge responsibility of another human being's life.

Back to pharmacists though, they can easily end up earning over $100,000 a year (not pounds, mind). Even the lowest paid pharmacist would earn roughly $50,000 a year. The median range, though, is roughly $80,000 to $85,000 a year.

The tendency for pharmacists to make so much money is the fact that they are also ultimately responsible for the medicines they advise people to buy. Generally, pharmacists don't prescribe drugs, like doctors do, but they can still advise certain medication based on their diagnosis of the patient's symptoms. One has to be extremely careful when advising medications to strangers, since if you are not the person's doctor, you won't know their disease or allergy history, and advise the wrong medications can complicate illnesses, even resulting in death in certain cases.

Since it is such a major responsibility, and since pharmacists will always be required as long as there are sick people and available medicine, pharmacists are paid such a generous salary.
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Yes they get really good pay
my Friend she is a pharmacist and she gets £30000-£50000 a year
she is living it large
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Yes if he really a experienced guy
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Pharmacists tend to make a huge amount  of money, owing to the fact that they are highly qualified and work in a respected profession which helps treat people's lives. But again it depends on location where a pharmacist resides. If the location is USA or UK then the earning would be high, depending on the hours spent for the job. In addition, the medical billing services professionals are also growing in numbers providing the Pharmacists with benefits of insurance claims, settlements and billing issues.

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Yea. They make on average 48$ an hour. Suppose you work 20h a week. Thats almost 1000
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That "Pharmacist" makin a million a year should prolly hope he don't get busted LOL

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