How Much Do Special Education Teachers Make An Hour?


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The same as a regular classroom teacher. In the district I teach, we are on the same pay scale with no additional pay for the additional work that is required of us. Like classroom teachers, we are expected to plan, grade, assess, benchmark, hold meetings, attend duty stations, and teach a full day. Unlike classroom teachers, we also have IEPs to write, additional assessments to administer, paperwork trails that never end, IEP and MDT meetings to hold and attend, and assist classroom teachers with special needs students who attend their classrooms. Most of the additional work becomes unpaid weekend or evening tasks. I work at a large urban school district and made $26,500 my first year teaching; 2001 school year (yes, that is after five years of college and having to pass many federal and state mandated assessments). Worth it? For me, YES! I see teaching as a "higher calling." Although no teacher goes into the field for the pay, society should value education more. Be informed that you will work far more days than your contract - for free, be required to enroll in additional course work and continue to take additional professional exams - which you will pay for, and you will end up paying for many classroom supplies and materials out of your own paycheck. Be prepared to live frugally.

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