Can A Resident Of Uganda Find Online Data Entry Work?


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Whilst there are many sites that offer on-line data entry work to people all over the world, I would advise caution in applying for or undertaking any such employment.

This is because 'work from home' scams are very common these days, and are designed to target people who are looking for 'on-line employment'.

On-line data entry jobs

The key to looking for on-line work in any country is to distinguish genuine employment from the scams.

My rule of thumb is that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Employers offering unusually high payouts for relatively simple tasks are guaranteed to be fraudulent.

Alternatively, some jobs might be genuine opportunities, but often offer little or no significant income.

Here are some tips to consider during your job hunt:

  • Read the fine print- Find out how much you get paid and how that pay is calculated. Some jobs only offer payment on commission. Some employers even require that you purchase hardware or equipment from them in order to perform your tasks. Be very wary of any employer who does this.
  • Don't send in any cash- Any employer that requires you to spend money before you even earn anything sounds fishy to me. If you're ever asked to put money down for a start-up kit or other initiation procedure, just walk away.
  • Ask for references- Double checking a company's references is important when taking on any job. This is especially true when you are working on-line. Internet-based businesses should have a lot of verifiable information about themselves that is easily accessible. If that's not the case then I'd be very sceptical whether the employer was genuine.
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fivzieh ali answered
Yes, data entry jobs are all categorized under one main online jobs. It is important to understand that Uganda is a developing place. It requires jobs and part-time earning opportunities to prosper.

In today's world the need for both part-time jobs and part-time workers has increased both in awareness and geography. It is very important to realize the need for this.

Online job searching engines links are as below:

1. - 39k –
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7. - 14k
8. - 25k
9. - 19k
10. - 32k

Try these sites and find work for part-time home workers to do. It is quite exciting to earn money while working from home and using minimum resources with maximum output.

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