What Are The Responsibilities For A Data Entry Clerk?


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The responsibilities vary according to what the company requires of you. If you simply input data then you are considered more of an administrative clerk. If you have to scrutinize information and troubleshoot then the responsibilities, title, and the pay should reflect your position and level of accountability. When it come down to it, your responsibilities are to input accurate data, but what type, how sensitive, and what overall effect does your mistake have on the organization should be a consideration when looking at experience, education, and salary.
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Data entry clerk is a wide field. Sometimes referred
to as a key entry operator, data entry specialist, data entry clerk or an
information processing worker these are the common core functions and data
entry skills of the job.

for a data entry clerk are

prepare, compile and sort documents for data entry

§  verify data and correct
data where necessary

§  obtain further information
for incomplete documents

§  update data and delete
unnecessary files

§  combine and rearrange data
from source documents where required

§  enter data from source
documents into prescribed computer database, files and forms

§  transcribe information into
required electronic format

§  comply with data integrity
and security policies

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