What Are The Duties Of Hotel Receptionist?


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Before you start asking what you'd have to do as a receptionist in a hotel, are you sure that you're the right person for the job? A receptionist needs to be a 'people person' with good communication skills and patience. Plus, you need to be able to multitask, be organised and methodical, stay calm under pressure, and have the ability to think quickly and solve problems as they come. Being able to work quickly helps, as well as having a grasp of basic computer skills. You may also have to work unsociable hours. Although you don't need a set group of academic qualifications to become a receptionist generally an employer is more likely to choose someone who does, or who has a good amount of education anyway. Some look for GCSEs, particularly in English and Maths, at an A - C grade. Whilst on the job you can work towards NVQs or SVQs in things such as Customer Service.  There are other courses you can complete, like Supervisory Skills, and you might be trained in computing depending on what you had to do day-to-day. When you first start work you will probably have a type of induction, where you will be taught the basics of what you need to know. The best way of learning in this type of job however, is by getting on and doing it. You can always ask for help remember!

As a receptionist you would book in new guests and allocate them their rooms. You might also be in charge of the keys or key cards to the rooms themselves. You would probably answer phones to reserve rooms for people, as well as cashiering. Much of your time would be spent interacting with guests at the hotel, dealing with questions, problems, or requests from customers or possibly, if your hotel was also used for meetings, conference organisers. A hotel receptionist has a very varied job and there might be the possibility for promotion too. To find out more about being a hotel receptionist, including information about annual salaries, go to
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-Check guests in and out
-Resolve concerns
-Help guests with special requests
-Take reservations
-Do the night audit
-Do the day end report
-Give guests directions to local locations
-Maintain the in-lobby market
-Tidy the lobby & front desk area
-Help set up breakfast
-Make coffee
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If my boyfriend comes in with another lady to my hotel how do I recive them
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I worked as front desk Cashier and Receptionist at the Taj Palace,New Delhi for a Year after completion of Diploma
in Hospitality Mgt from Bentley TAFE Inst in Perth ,W Australia for 2yrs.
My main duties at the Front desk were of mainly handling Check in and Check outs,Billing of various facilities and amenities used within the property.
I also dealt with currency exchange and in cashing travelers cheque at the Front office Cashier desk .Group check ins were handled at the Group Check ins desk where replenished rooms
were alloted accordingly.
I have worked briefly at the Concierge desk  Front office also took care of maintaining Log
of all in house passengers. Which included VIP guests,regular visitors, Long staying guests
Special guests etc. I have worked with mostly all departments involved in operation on daily basis at various times .
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If they are trained in front desk procedures and if that is their job description.

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