How To Write A Letter Requesting To Reduce My Hours At Work?


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'Like any letter, this letter needs to be professional looking and sounding. It doesn't have to be complicated though. Simply addressing the letter with 'Dear (your manager's name)' will suffice. If you're unsure who it's addressed to then use 'Dear Sir or Madam' and explain you wish to reduce your hours and why.

Give an indication of the sorts of hours you would like to work instead and any other concessions you may be able to make. If the reason for reducing hours is for an education purpose then try and use this as a persuasive measure and think how it can benefit your employer.

You should avoid writing an essay however, a manager or supervisor doesn't have all the free time in the world to sift through the request. Be clear and concise and mention everything relevant. If you're after reduced hours for a few months only then say that. If you're after reduced hours one day a week then say that. Be specific.

If you are returning to work from maternity leave and with to reduce your hours because of having a baby, you again have to notify your workplace in writing to say you are coming back but also requesting a change in working days, the shifts or the hours. Some employers require you to fill in a separate form additionally. In the UK, the DirectGov website has template letters for these circumstances.

If your work is casual you do not need to write a letter, although that or an in-person conversation would be appropriate. You can simply reduce your hours by not accepting the work. A casual contract means that you have the right to turn down shifts. This works the other way though, and the workplace does not have to give you shorter or replacement shifts. They can simply just freeze you out due to your inability to work.

You have the statutory right to request a reduction in hours, and so long as it's fair your employer has a statutory duty to consider it. That is as far as it goes.
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Just write Dear X, Due to (then give the reason) I would like to request a reduction in my working hours for (say how long you would like this to continue.)

Then give an indication of the sort of hours you are hoping to work in the future, and offer any concessions you can (eg can you work flexible hours, do you have any way of making up the work so the company doesn't suffer.)
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Dear sir/madam,
I would like to ask you to reduce the hours I work due to pressure/stress. I would like it if you did so and would promise to do the work given properly and with dedication.
Yours sincerely,
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