How To Renew My Phlebotomist License?


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If you need to renew your license, then you will need to get in touch with your local health department, or your local authority. Many people may not have heard about your profession, but being trained to draw blood in a medical environment is something that definitely requires a legitimate license. Hence, if you license is currently out of date then you simply cannot practice. If you continue to practice without a renewed license, then you will no doubt end up having to face some rather hefty fines. You may even become criminally liable, as you will have been working illegitimately without a license.

You could even talk to your place of work about renewing your license. It seems amazing that so many people on the Internet are asking the same question as you. It is the duty of your employer to provide you with the means to do things like this. You are an essential part of the team in whatever medical establishment you are working in, and hence, it should be your employer’s responsibility to ensure that everybody working within the facility have licenses that are up to date, and that all employees have the ability to renew your license. If you currently have an out of date license or a license that is about to become invalid, talk to your employer! Your employer should be able to help you or provide you with the information you need to go about replacing this license.

It might seem a bit of a pain having to do this when you know all too well that you are perfectly qualified, but in the eyes of the government it is not right to do it without a license. The license allows local and federal government to know precisely who is qualified to work in your field, and how many people are currently doing so. It’s important to renew!

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