What Do I Have To Do To Renewal My Phlebotomy State License After It Expires?


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  • If you are already qualified then you should just need to send off a reapplication to your state licensee enclosing a check. The exact procedure will vary according to country and state but if you contact your association they should be able to help you with this. You may be able to fill in an application online but it is possible that it will be required for you to send information to confirm your qualifications or amount of on the job training and experience.
  • To become a qualified phlebotomist, you need to attend a course which awards 16.0 continuing education units or at least 160 hours of lecture time not including the phlebotomy practical. The training program undertaken must also contain 200 hours of practical training undertaken either on clinical practicum or on mannequins or a combination of the two. This course must be an Allied Health Program which includes venipuncture techniques and a clinical practical.
  • Documentation of attendance may be required along with a transcript evaluation of the course completion. There are different levels, however and it is possible to be accredited at a lower level and still be able to perform some blood collection without being authorized for venipuncture or arterial puncture. Generally speaking, doctors, nurses and clinical lab scientists do not need to be specifically certified as phlebotomist in order to draw blood.

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