Where Can I Complain About A DHS Worker?


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I am having a similar problem now, My worker has lost my paper work several time and as of 3 weeks ago I no longer have food benefits, he has been promising to rectify the situation but hasn't, he has gotten increasingly more abusive going so far as to say yesterday that he didnt believe my husband didnt own a gas station because of our ethnicity.I have contacted the county directors office and filed a complaint with them. All that did was make my worker more angry, I was forced to go into an interview today where I have to start the process all over again. Its so humiliating and degrading, my husband and I used to run a successful business but due to MI economy we are reduced to begging for assistance. At this point my main concern is my babys medical coverage. I called Lansing today, and I told her that I am fearful of retribution since when I went into my meeting today, they had an "investigator" question me about our vehicles ( that we no longer own as we gave them back to the dealership) when I offered to bring it paperwork to show that we were being sued over them I was told it wasnt important. ( They were ready to use them against me but when I no longer possesed them and had proof, it wasnt  important WTH!)
Its almost comical,  if it wasnt so awful. The only thing you can do is keep complaining go up the line someone has to listen at some point, and most importantly don't let them scare you. I've worked my whole life and now I need a little help for awhile from the system I paid into.
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I have found myself having many issues in the short amount of time I rec'd assistance. Im trying to get a group of people together to confront these issues and fight for our rights.
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My experience is that even if a social worker is "dirty", in the State of Michigan, even the supervisors are not following guidelines to ensure the safety of the children placed into care. We have a grandmother who is supplying drugs to the mother, thereby, keeping her addicted. The grandfather is an alcoholic and abusive. The social worker is manipulative and is making it hard for the father, who is not doing drugs, is not an alcoholic and who does have a good paying job, to see his children. I think the system in the State of Michigan is one of the worst and certainly not being regulated. Filing a complaint does not good. Basically, if you are following the law you do not have any rights in Michigan. Be dishonest and they roll out the red carpet.
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Michigan Dept. Of Human Services Customer Service Unit. 517-373-0707 then press #2 to speak with someone. I am having a really big problem with getting help myself. I have gone to the supervisor of my case worker and still nothing, I have tried to reach the district manager no help there either. I have been informed that due to my medical conditions if I am hospitalized I will be able to sue them. I applied two months ago and still waiting. I hope that others have better luck then I do.
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Question i was hospitalized and should`ve been covered but my case worker not doing her job. Who can you sue? Hospital bills about to go to go on my credit report??
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My son & I are on the Food Assistance program. He went to the store today to do shopping for a month because we spose to get 10" of snow in the next two days. Food stamp allowances are on our cards on the 5th. Today is the 7th. He checked out and when he went to use the card it came up insufficient funds. Now keep in mind the store is packed because of the storm. Well, after calling our SOCIAL WORKER to see why we were not reinstated she came up with excuse we did not get application turned in, in time. Which was a BOLD FACE LIE. I Sent it the same day I got it and couple days later she called me to verify my income. This was 2nd week of November. She was THE ONE WHO DID NOT GET IT TURNED IN. TO THE STATE. She said she would  do it today and it would be on the card tomorrow. BUT HELLO. Storm coming in tonight and we don't know if we can get to the store 20 miles away. She was very UNCONCERNED about her error. It was very imbarrassing to my son with people in line behind him and the store very busy because of storm moving in.  He had to leave the $245 worth of groceries behind.  What compensation should there be to us for a Social Worker not doing her job not to mention gas & time to make that extra trip to town.
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I have the exact same problem, and it seems to happen every few months. We get a days notice that we need to get our paycheck stubs to them, and that doesn't even leave enough time to mail them out. We filed for a hearing and suddenly the woman called us up and said that we could get our coverage back if we signed a paper saying that the hearing wasn't needed and that the woman was right to deny us. After signing this, and clearing her reputation, we got coverage again. But it keeps happening
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Please contact me...
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I would like to know why you think that this comment is abusive. I help others and I try to treat everyone equal and I also have 2 beautiful children and I also have 3 step children and 2 of those step children respect me. And I am also a best friend of one of there mothers. And that mother thinks that I am a great person and the reason for that is because I treat her with respect and I also pulled her oldest daughter out of a drug house before anything happened to her. And I also take care of an elderly woman that I have known for over 30 years and get nothing for it because I promised her and my dying mother that I wouldn't let anything happen to her and never put her in a nursing home.
And I have nothing to feel guilty about. I am not ashamed of anything that I done in life
And I am very proud of the person that I have become. The reason that I am angry at this Social Worker is because of several reasons. 1. When I told her that my step daughter admitted on paper that she wanted to slice my youngest daughters throat and I even told her that I have the letter to prove it all she did was shake her head and walk out the door.
Now I think that is neglect on her part and she should have listened to me and helped me with it. 2. And when she writes in her report that my husband abused his daughter in July of 1999 and he is the one that took his daughter to the police station and made the report on his Daughters mother because she is the one that did the abusing. She also wrote a lot more Lies but that's ok. What she has done to both of us is slander and defamation of character. Now I am very sorry that I offended you in anyway but if you read what I wrote I did state that there are good Social Worker out there and that she gives the good ones a bad Rep. I did not say that all Social Workers are bad. So if I offended you in anyway again I apologize but I have a right to my opinions just like everybody else And I also have the right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH and is not fair of you to RED FLAG my comment just because you are a State Social Worker and you did not like What I wrote.
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I cannot imagine your question was marked abusive. You certainly have a right to have your concerns heard and addressed through the appropriate channels. It was good that you didn't identify anyone specifically in this public forum.
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Just be careful of complaining. I did pertaining to opening a case for my mother for SER. After the same caseworker I have also screwed up my mothers, I complained. Last night I also went to finally buy MY families groceries, and guess what? I'm at the checkout with no money on my Bridge Card. After leaving multiple messages, I'm still wasting my day sitting here waiting for an explanation. Oh, and I did go online @ 2:00am  and low and behold I had a pdf. Document (never a letter!) letting me know I never turned in papers. I was NEVER asked to personally, just for my mother as we live with her. Which I DID! I will be complaining again because at this point it won't matter as I'm already screwed for doing it in the first place.

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I personnally say  that all gov. People should loose their jobs. On account they don't serve the people. They have a sit down job. They are very inconsiderate to us folks that get shamed on this welfare crap. They act like they are so much better than you. When its us the people who give them their jobs. I don't believe we should be policed or have that protective services crap as they all fail in their jobs. Just recently I was followed by one of them ps workers for walking in the street with my little girl. In the mean time a couple days later  two parents kill their little girl. No different than 41yrs ago with me. My parents killed my little brother and tortured me for yrs after. Them gov. Peopleare employed by the people and I say we as a people should fire all of those we vote in for insuboardanation. The people in my comm. Should take them murders and blunt force them just enough so they don't die then put them in prison the rest of their lifes. If we just fired the ps and dhs workers imagine how mucch money we would have to create jobs for us that are forced on wellfare and treated like crap think about it people their aint no reason them car companys should be laying idle. Its the people we vote in that do this to us. I say vote me as your next president of the united states and I will be the peoples president I will bring posperity to all just not the select few. I have fought for five years now triing to get my career back and been waiting to get put on disability. Today I still live on 492 a month lets make some of those gov. People make that and see how they like it then treat them like crap and lie to them just like they do us. God bless their lieing and decieving souls. I had a brand new dually before they decided to attack me I guess they figured I work to hard so decide to attack me then call me the bad guy. They wont let me have a car because I don't work yet they took it from me just like do the rest of us I say its time we stand up and unite and fire their butts and put them where we are.
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I too am having an issue getting a medial bill processed by DHS along with not receiving mail regarding paperwork I process in a timely manner.  For those of us who need this service, it is unfortunate that some of us receive it so poorly as this is our life...the way we live.  Had I any other form of insurance or were I able to afford another secondary insurance, I'd have it.

I will say that in the past I have had workers who were more on the ball.  I really think government officials need to pay more attention to this as their  constituents are suffering as a result.  I did inform said individuals of the issues I was facing with my DHS office and representative.  BOTH blew me off and forwarded me to other entities that were of no help at all.  Looks like I won't be voting for them again.
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I've read some of the answers on here about how to complain about a
caseworker in Michigan.  I've searched and searched, and haven't been
able to find a link, phone number, email, etc. To contact anyone. 

my situation isn't as bad as many of yours, I still feel as though my
concerns and my family's lives are being brushed to the side by my

Two years ago, I had to have our son 11 weeks
prematurely.  At the time I was working full-time, had insurance, etc.  I
did have Medicaid and WIC during my pregnancy.  Before we brought our
son home after 2 months of being in the NICU, all of the NICU doctors
repeatedly beat it into our heads that our son could NOT be in public,
let alone in daycare, for at least the first 2 years of his life. 

making arrangements to have someone in my family care for my son, I
went back to work to less than understanding employers about the
situation.  The first time I had to call off from work because my babysitter was sick and needed to
stay home with my son, I was told if I didn't come to work, I was likely
to lose my job. 

The next day, I went in and turned in my resignation.
I did not want to spend the rest of my life being threatened about
losing my job over wanting to be a mother to my son.

For the last
2 years, aside from trying my hand at being an independent consultant, I
have not had steady work and have been without any sort of healthcare.
My husband works full time, but in the last year his hours were cut due
to cutbacks at his place of employment.  I have tried repeatedly
getting a job to no avail.  I always put off applying for assistance,
but it finally got to the point where we couldn't afford to feed all
three of us (WIC was, and still is, a blessing to us!),  We couldn't pay
all of our bills, and we finally had to file for bankruptcy.

I finally applied for assistance, I made sure to turn in all proofs of income, insurance, etc. Needed.  I,
in fact, had a family member help me make sure I had all of the
necessary paperwork before I turned it in (her mother works within the
DHS system).  The day I turned it all in, I called the caseworker
(handles my son's case as well), and let her know I was turning in my
paperwork that day, and that if I was missing anything to please contact
me ASAP.

About a month and a half went by when I finally got a
response.  I was approved for a small amount of food assistance, denied
cash assistance, and was approved for Medicaid but it wouldn't kick in
until 2 months later. 

I was denied Medicaid for the previous months
because, "I did not turn in all the appropriate documentation needed."  I
saw red, I couldn't believe it.  When I looked at my personal
information via their website, it said that I had not turned in my life
insurance information.  I never told them I had life insurance; my husband had life insurance paid by his employer, and we
DID turn in that information.  I tried calling my caseworker and never
received a call back.  At that point, I was just grateful I was going to
get some help of any kind. 

Two months later and I go to use my
Medicaid to get my prescriptions, and the pharmacist tells me that
Medicaid won't cover anything because it says I have primary insurance.
The next business day, I call my caseworker and leave her a message.  I
called her several times after that, always getting her voicemail, and
then at some point she was out of the office for a week on vacation.  I
waited a total of 3 weeks for a call, when I finally called and
requested to speak with a supervisor.  The supervisor tells me, Lansing
requires a termination of insurance and employment letter from my
previous employer stating I no longer have insurance, otherwise Lansing
assumes I still have the insurance.&n

So, I get the letter in to DHS, and a week later I get a letter
stating that I no longer qualify for straight Medicaid because my
husband makes too much money.  That I now am on a $1100/mo spend down
before Medicaid will kick in.  I broke down in tears.  I tried calling
my caseworker multiple times for an explanation, and never received a
call back. 

My semi-annual contact review came in recently, and
it just so happened my previous employer asked me to come back on a
temporary basis (for about a month) until they were able to fill a
position in their office.  They were willing to work with my schedule
and availability, and we really needed the money, so I said yes.  When I
called my caseworker to ask if I should have them write a letter
explaining the nature of the employment, and how to fill in the income
portion (I had not yet been paid), she actually answered her phone for
the very first time.  She told me that as long as I
  turned in all of the paperwork by the deadline, it didn't matter when I
turned in the pay stub as long as it was before the end of July. 

I turned in all of the paperwork I had on that day, and I was able to
turn in the pay stub by the deadline.  Today, I got an email notifying
me there was a new correspondence available via my account online.  I
opened it, and it was a letter stating my food assistance was being
terminated because I didn't turn in my semi-annual contact form and all
necessary documentation. 

I burst into tears.  It was at 6:30 a.m.
When I got the notification and I knew the office was closed, but I
called and left my caseworker a voicemail conveying my confusion,
frustration, and urgency in getting this resolved.  I called again at 11:00 a.m.
When I didn't hear back from her, and got her voicemail again. 

again, I left her a voicemail inquiring if she had been able to get any
information regarding why I was los
ing my food assistance.  I was, and still am, in panic mode.  So, I
called back, and asked to speak with her supervisor.  It went straight
to voicemail.  I left her a long-winded voicemail detailing what was
going on, and I did not hide the fact that was I was extremely upset. 

realize I'm supposed to give them 2 business days to return my call,
but their office is only open 3 days a week.  I don't always have access
to a vehicle, and so this was a day that if it was a matter of
something missing from all of the paperwork I turned in, I could run it
up there today and get everything rectified.  Instead, it's almost the
close of the business day, and I've heard nothing from my caseworker or
her supervisor, despite my pleas for urgency. 

Essentially, if I
lose the food assistance, my family will be back to where we will
struggle to eat everyday.  This isn't necessary if these people would
just do their job.  I'd love
to be a caseworker just to show people, there are some that understand,
care, and try our best to make sure your family has everything it needs
instead of these deadbeats who don't seem to care one bit. 

anyone knows the best way to contact someone in Lansing to make a
complaint, or the best way to get a problem resolved with a caseworker, I
would sincerely appreciate the help.

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I have three kids, crappy job and bills to pay. I moved from the Burbs back to Detroit after losing my home, job and car. I was homeless and had to send my kids to live with family.

Now thanks to DHS I'm back in the same boat I was in laat year. Can't pay rent becuase I'm paying childcare for my three kids out of pocket. I have to work, and I have no food assistance anymore. My worker and her supervisor NEVER call me back. The one day my case worker did answer my call was the day I had an appointment with her. She denied me my interview and told me that she would handle my case over the phone. Never got called back. I'm trying to find a way to complain and will stop at nothing.

All I can say is YOU NEED A PAPER TRAIL. Dhs has a recird of everything they send you etc. I ONLY submit my paperwork online or via my workers e-mail. That way there is no way they can say they didn't recieve it. It's in their inbox and the state sight as well. Start there people. Having an email from my worker saying that I don't need an interview because she recieved my paperwork, but having my case cut off due to a missed interview has got to get me somewhere.

The whole system is corrupt. They don't care that it's people out here starving. Children starving. All they care about is their pocket. Seems like people who aren't trying and want to live off the system get the most help. Those of us who work our asses off everyday to make something of ourselves and provide a better life than poverty for our kids get shitted on.

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Is the the law really on our side? Every state authorizes certain personnel – doctors, police, social workers (the list varies by state) – to remove your children from your care without a warrant, a court order, or any proof of abuse or neglect.

My five Muslim children have been celebrating Christian holidays with their Christian foster parents for almost one year. Antrim County CPS seeks to terminate our custody and legally adopt out our five Muslim children in a few weeks. There has never been any physical evidence of neglect, abuse or harm but there have been a few police reports showing we were being slandered.

What Can Be Done?
There is hope! A proposed Parental Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is already making its way through the Congress. Once adopted, the PRA will guard the fundamental right of parents to make decisions – medical, educational, in fact all kinds of decisions – for their children. To join the effort, sign the petition at parentalrights.org/petition.

Christina MacQuarrie
Bellaire Michigan

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I have had constant problems with DHS in MI.  For 8 years, they make everything a battle, instead of just doing their jobs.

I have fought them every year on Food Benefits and then Medicaid, when it was open enrollment in the state of MI for individuals financed by the fed. Govt., based on income, they kept trying to make me prove I was disabled, then lost my paperwork. 

Form DHS-1380 is a form to make a complaint about how your "Specialist" handled your Food Benefits.  It is only for that topic, states the form is in all lobbies of DHS offices, I have never seen one.  But Google for the form or any free legal aid office has them.

Form DHS-866 this is a general complaint about your worker, such as discrimination.

Form AD-3027 this one is for the FEDERAL govt., can easily be found online and you can fax or mail it back to them.  This one circumvents the MI idiots and goes right to Washington DC.

Remember, DHS is managed in Lansing, then in Washington DC by the USDA.  Took me forever to find this information.  I have had to use it when my worker ignored me, tried to take my benefits, everything.

I have a "Specialist" now who 4 years running has said I missed my phone interview for yearly Food Benefits.  Well she never called.  This year, she had someone else call, then sent a letter saying I missed my phone interview!  Well I called her supervisor, who never called me back.  Then I did something anyone can do:  I went to the State of Michigan govt. Website and I found every single person on there who was in charge of DHS (they are labeled and you can find their names anywhere).  I proceeded to email each employee about my complaint with the worker and how she now says I missed a Food Benefit interview, but yet I recorded it (these are free for your phone, look into recording your calls). 

After my complaint to the heads of DHS in Lansing, surprise!  In one day I got a call from my worker, oh that Missed Interview form mailed itself out, my benefits were not being cut, and why did I leave her such a mean message?  So I say, go up the chain:  Worker, Supervisor, District Manager, DHS heads in Lansing, Washington DC.  For Medicaid, I had to go right up to the federal govt., but I finally received it, tho I should, none of us should, be put into such a situation in the first place!  Check out the pay for the DHS workers who are not doing their jobs, starting is $18 up to $26 an hour.  Yes, the entire system needs to be torn down and rebuilt.

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