What Jobs Can You Do With A Bad Back?


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"This is a very difficult question to answer as although to some it may be obvious what jobs to avoid, such as heavy lifting, jobs that require a lot of sitting in the same position can be just as detrimental to your spine and back pain.

Of course the most strenuous jobs such as in the construction industry are more than likely out of the question while, office workers can be a greater risk for carpal tunnel symptoms. Each of these jobs has unique characteristics that make certain locations of the spine more affected than others.

The ideal job is one of variation or with a chance of stretching the legs and changing positions during the working day. Therefore working from home jobs can be ideal for back pain suffers. A lot of admin and office work can just as successfully be run from home while the added freedom of taking breaks when you wish to avoid pain from continuous sitting is crucial.

Some moderate lifting in a job may not be out the question if the worker can use good ergonomics (e.g.such as symmetrical lifting), then the disc can more safely resist the load. It is also known that the spine is stiffer in the morning, and develops higher pressures in the disc when a worker lifts at this time of day.

Taking this into account, you could do more light lifting in the early morning. In almost every case you should never lift anything, even a light object, by doing a twisting motion. This action is where the spine can easily be damaged.
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Bad back is a painful experience, so my first advice would be to consult good doctor and do little workouts, so that you feel better soon.

Secondly, in jobs where you are sitting, in uniform intervals have small breaks and walk for 2-3 minutes. While sitting on chair relax and try moving your joints gently, it will not take more than 20 seconds.

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Driving jobs,

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