What Kind Of Test Do Neurologist Perform For Headaches And Tremors?


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I woke up in 1996 with tremors so bad I thought I'd had a stroke in my sleep. Now they are a frequent part of my life. They are triggered by heat, cold, stress, fatigue and pain. I also have headaches that put me in bed with nausea and dizziness. I have MANY symptoms and daily it seems, a new one. I've been through so many tests it's ridiculous. I fall all the time too. I've had about 10 different diagnosis'. Now I'm demanding another MRI with CONTRAST. I don't know what the answer is, but my sister started having neuro problems and had to have brain surgery to relieve chiari malformation. I'm looking into that now. Good luck and write me if you'd like. I should have my MD I've done so much research and work on this for 11 years.
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Hi, i have similar symptoms excluding the tremors. I am only 21 yrs old and these headaches are quite annoying. I am going for a brain scan or test today at a neurologist. I hope they find what the problem is. I hope we get a solution to these headaches.
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I just got out of hospital fri after 1 week there. My hed was aching, i was tremoring, speech slurried my regular md said it could be from sinus but nothing i take is helping. He had me on morphine, loratab 10, percote nothing worked have any sugguestions. I asked to be transferred he said no cause he seen no reason to. My air blood gas was 26% and my head has been hurting ever since i cant eat i on the edge.
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I am 15 I been at the hospital 4 times this past three months. I have non stop headaches dizzy sometimes. They never go away my blood test were okay and my mris and cat scans I was suggested to see a neuro am going tomorrow. Doctors said I had sinus others said it was a migrain others it was peuverty I don't know what to do I can't even consentrate in school.
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Has your blood pressure been checked  that's the only thing I could think of if everything is turning out ok. Good luck
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Blood pressure is normal. I went today and they say I could be having muscle spasms that may be causing the headaches

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