How Many Years Does It Take To Become A Neurosurgeon Or A Neurologist?


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After 16 years of basic education, you require 5 years for MBBS, 1 year for housejob and another 4 to 5 years for specialization in Neurology. But tell you what, its worth it!
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It takes about 6 years The salary is dependent on what kind of practice you join. Some jobs start
at 200,000. Some start at 125,000.Some eventually may pay 700,000.
That is 4 years and then you have to get admission into med school.
That then takes 4 years. Then you have to find a suitable residency
position in a surgical program.
The surgical program you join depends on what type of surgeon you would
like to be. If you want to be a general surgeon you have between 5 to 7
years of training depending on whether you like to do a year or two in
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After college, 4 years of medical school and 6 years of residency.  Perhaps one more as a fellow!
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I added it up and did the math and I saw that it was a good 16 years...

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