In Demolition, What Formula Do You Use Bid A Job?


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There are a number of important factors to consider when putting a bid in for a job in demolition. As long as these factors are incorporated into the bid, the rest of the format does not really matter too much.

The main factors you should include are:

•    Time scale
•    Cost
•    General company information; e.g. How long you have been running, staffing levels etc.
•    Details of previous demolition jobs; especially if you have worked on something fairly high profile
•    Any other information which has been specifically requested

This proposal is the most important things you will have to do in any demolition or construction type business as this is how you will get work over other companies. Obviously the most important factors, whether it is a huge company or just an individual house, will be the time scale and the quote given in the proposal.

Companies often ask for bids to be put in to encourage demolition providers to give competitive prices and give the shortest time they will be able to get the job done in. In addition to this, make sure that if there are any guidance notes to accompany the bid information, ensure you read these carefully and include any information they have asked for.

Also make sure they do not request a specific layout to use before you start to set out your own. Make sure your qualifications are clearly laid out and provide references for past work wherever possible.

Once you have included everything that has been asked for and everything listed above, make sure you get someone else to proof read the bid before it is submitted.

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