Briefly Summarize What You Would Like To Do In A New Job?


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I really find enjoyment doing anything that is asked of me, but to be more specific I would like to work as a team member, helping out where I can or even helping a co-worker that might have work she/he needs someone to help with, I also enjoy being given specific tasks that I can complete on my own whether that be work on a mailing project, getting reports ready, copying necessary information my boss may need, I'm also very detailed oriented so I look forward to being able to schedule meetings or appointments, type letters, reports, or memo's making sure they are accurate, or even making sure my boss gets to meetings on time. I also like to help people whether it's giving good customer service, or just helping a co-worker with information. Really I find enjoyment and fulfillment in any job I do, I always set personal goals for myself to do better, work harder or finish faster, and I haven't found anything that is to menial or big of job for me to handle or enjoy. My ultimate goal is to exceed your expectations, and make a positive contribution to this company and the people I work with and around."

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