What Are The Challenge That Most Business Face In Changing Technology, What Is The Management's Role In Addressing These Challenges?


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Changes to technology within a business are always the responsibility and decision of the management. Changes are usually due to marketing challenges and changing technology.

  • Challenges
There are many challenges that will come up from the changes in technology, such as the change in different computer systems or industry used software that must be used by particular sectors.

  • Implementation
Every time there is a change in system or the company should be changing its technology, it is usually the Information Technology department that implements any alterations. They will usually provide training; the level of training, funding needed and the system itself will be signed off by the management to say that they are happy with the update. They must also okay the cost of the change to their business and the training that must be given to employees for this change over.

  • Small companies
Even smaller companies face these challenges and in these instances, the role of updating software and also training may in fact fall upon the management. In these instances, usually where there is not an IT department in the company, the management will research the changes in technology; make an informed decision about what to do to implement the technology; and then organize and sometimes even conduct the training.

It is always the management's responsibility to ensure that the staff of a company are fully trained and can conduct their job properly with the software provided and that there is not anything else that they require to do their job.
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Describe the challenges that most businesses face as a result of continually changing technology.

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