What Are The Challenges Facing Personnel Management?


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Personnel management faces many complex challenges in their daily working lives. Because they are dealing with a workforce, they have to deal with any conflicts that may occur, either between different members of staff, or with  management. Resolutions to conflicts may entail having to deal with outside agencies such as trade union officials, or Health and Safety executives.

Another challenge that has to be faced is that of analyzing the statistics that face all businesses, including employee absences and the market forces that impact upon the business so that outcomes can be predicted and catered for. This also includes being aware of how successful, or otherwise the current market is so that strategies can be put into place to ensure the smooth running of the business. This can mean that necessary skills are recognized and exploited within the workforce in an efficient manner.

Changes in technology are a major challenge that needs to be addressed. Personnel management need to keep on top of recent innovations so that the business does not get left behind by more forward thinking businesses, and that appropriate training is given to the staff that is best suited to implement it.

All businesses have to deal with certain restrictions, either because of budget constraints or not having appropriate skills within the workforce, for example. Personnel management has to be adept at finding the possible resolutions to deal with these restrictions in order to maximize what is available for the best possible result.

Sometimes practical problems can get in the way of the smooth running of a business, such as breakdowns in machinery and equipment. Personnel management have to deal with the logistics of ensuring that any staff are not idle throughout this time and their talents can be used in a productive manner.
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b_change of technology
c-market failure
e_practical problems
f_management of the restrictions
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Explain the challenges facing personnel management
Some of the challenges facing personnel management are:-
.change technology,
.market fairule

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