How Do I Become A Firefighter?


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You must first get into a training academy, then you must take classes, and take tests for different departments, it is a long hard process. Its struggling at times, but it is worth every penny, bit of time, and hard work let me tell you, and what ever you do, DO NOT GIVE UP!!! It is the GREATEST JOB IN THE WORLD!
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I just graduated highschool, and i really want to get into firefighting, it has always intrested me, but I'm really not the best with academics, do you have to have really good marks to become one? Or can you just pay to take a course and eventually overtime become one?
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You really have to check with your local fire station for their requirements to join.  Many departments are different, there isn't just one standard.Some volunteer departments don't even require that you goto a college or academy.  You fill out the paperwork, get voted on by the fire department members, and begin your basic fire training.I'll use my department as an example.  I filled out the application.  Had to wait a couple weeks for the departments monthly business meeting where my application was discussed.  When I was accepted we started a basic/mandatory training to learn the basics of firefighting.  This was about a two days a week process for almost two months.  Then I took a state mandated test, passed, and was officially a state recognized firefighter.  I then took a Firefighter I/II class which allowed me to enter buildings by our state laws and had a more vigorous outlook on firefighting.  After that I took First Responder courses to respond to medical calls.  Now I'm looking to take EMT classes and Fire Officer and Fire Instructor classes.All of this training so far has been paid for by my department, and all of it will benefit me if I was to join a bigger paid department.So really, just check with your local department and find out.  Good luck to you!
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I'm applying to be a firefighter, and the requirements are you need to be a degree holder, then pass a professional civil service examination, then everything is basic requirements like resume, medical etc.
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I am a senior in high school and I thinking to become a firefighter but don't know what should I do first I stuck so do we need math for that or no if we do what kind of of math do we need
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To become a firefighter you need to have degree or course in firefighting and then you need to go for one year internship then finally you can work as firefighter.

Check some courses for fire fighting.
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To become a firefighter you need to have a degree or course in firefighting and then you need to go for a one-year internship then finally you can work as a firefighter. But UFP Provide you free intern and diploma with experience. You can also learn from the website.

Fire Extinguisher and fire alarm system is the main firefighting equipment.

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I am 21 years old. Two years removed from highschool with a son. What steps do I have to take to become a firefighter?
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I am a freshman in high school and want to become a firefighter. What classes should we take throughout high school?

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