What Are Some Free-rein Examples Of Leadership?


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Some free rein examples of leadership include:
  • R&D departments
  • Hardware/ software manufacturers
  • Writing industry
Free-rein leadership occurs when there is little direct control within a company or other system. There is going to be a primary source of leadership that offers the information, suggestions, and authority. In other words, with free-rein leadership, the leader will be on hand to provide information and even make suggestions in how to make something better, but they will be an authority available when needed and otherwise silent.
Companies and political parties tend to use free-rein leadership when they feel their team is well trained, professional, and responsible. Sales organizations can be one other example where free-rein leadership is used. The sales people will not have a lot of direct supervision, but instead will be provided with information, the feeling that there is authority, and suggestions. This is because most sales people are in remote areas away from direct supervision.
The computer world which involves R&D, hardware, software, and evening writing is the best example of free-rein leadership. There are often managers that oversee the departments to make certain the people working on projects meet deadlines, but otherwise the person is able to work when they can and where they desire to be.

A lot of at home positions can be considered free-rein leadership because the company may be involved in the daily life to give out projects, but then the person is left alone to do the work.
Game software development is a prime example of free-rein leadership in that the game developer may be able to work at home writing the game without having to do anything but report in for the day.
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