How Does A Manager's Leadership Style Influence His Or Her Effectiveness In The Workplace?


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The term "leadership" means "one who sets the directions" and it is of Nordic origin. This is very true that the manager's leadership style can influence his effectiveness at the workplace. The reason is that a leader is a charismatic, godlike, figure representing power and control over the employees. If the leader is using this power and control rightly and sets the right directions for the employees, then the effectiveness at the workplace increases. The nature of businesses vary therefore, the leadership styles can also vary for example, at a high government position, bureaucratic leadership style is necessary to increase the accountability. This leadership style will directly impact the behavior of the employees. On the other hand, in a creative organization like advertising agency, a flexible leadership style is necessary to increase the creativity of workers. Therefore, a leader is a hero, a mentor and a coach and his style of leadership can directly impact the productivity of workers and culture of the workplace.

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@Amber22: Well, I agree not because of the leader’s position, figure presenting power and control over employees.  I think the main reason was the good traits of effective leadership they made up of.

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