What Are The Characteristics Of A Global Teacher?


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A global teacher at any level needs to have a considerable amount of dedication to their profession and maintain an outlook that appeals to any international students they may have. A teacher should put in a lot of dedication towards their work and should not just kill time and wait for the bell to sound. Rather, a teacher should focus more time on things such as parents' evenings, after-school meetings and extra-curricular activities.
A global teacher first and foremost needs to be an effective communicator. You should be able to explain things clearly and concisely and ensure target audience is met whether you are instructing 7 year olds or 17 year olds. Nowadays, there are students coming from all parts of the world so any fluency in languages is also a bonus for a global teacher as a means of interacting.
Teaching is a very demanding job, so if you feel like yelling or shouting at students, don’t do it as the profession requires tremendous amount of patience. A global teacher who demands respect and keeps it at the same time is one who knows how to keep their temper in high-pressured situations as you are dealing with many cultures from different background across the world.
To diffuse a situation is always a good quality to have. A good sense of humour is another great tool that helps a global teacher to simplify the task in hand, with a little added humour when applied in the correct manner. This is crucial as a he or she can interact in the pupil’s environment.
Another important quality is to have excellent time management skills and to prioritise accordingly. Always know the importance of time whether you are marking books or planning a lesson and adopt your lessons to suit the audience. Ensure you are literally appealing to a global audience.
A global teacher must always adopt a fair attitude when it comes to making evaluations. They should be just and assess students based on their overall performance. Another responsibility is to play the part not only of a global teacher, but as a leader and a good friend as well as an authoritative force. You must not be undermined but on the other hand maintain a warm relationship with your pupils who may have come from difficult cultural backgrounds.
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When you say a global teacher, do you mean a teache with the Global Teacher organisation? If so you can learn more from their website. In general though, all teachers need the same skills - patience, commitment, enthusiasm for their subject, empathy with their students and an ability to get each student to do his or her best.

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