What Objective Should A Receptionist Have For Resume?


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Different theories exist about what objective a receptionist should include on a resume.  Here are various options for you to consider before finalizing your resume.

Some believe you should state a strong objective, such as that you are seeking a challenging career (not ‘job,’ mind you, ‘career’) with a well-established employer willing to utilize and enhance your talents and communication skills, and provide you with an opportunity to progress in your chosen field.

Others argue you should keep it general, short, and simple, for example that you are seeking a career with a well-established employer that will utilize and enhance your skills.

Still others contend you should tailor the objective your resume to each position you seek.  In other words, make the objective specific to the job for which you are applying.

Those who disagree with that approach contend it is your cover letter, not your resume that should be tailored to fit each job for which you apply.  The resume, these advocates argue, should state a general objective that can be submitted with any employment application.

Proponents of a well-written cover letter further argue that, because the cover letter is the first peak a potential employer will have at your background, it should project enthusiasm for the position, be sprinkled throughout with key words that make you attractive as an applicant (such as ‘willingness,’ ‘attention to detail,’ ‘patient,’ and ‘responsible’), and be free from typographical errors, hanging participles, mismatched subjects and verbs, and shorthand terms better left to email, not employment applications.

Lastly, there are those who contend you should not state an objective at all.  Rather, use the space for an objective to elaborate upon your work experience.
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I believe that the most important objective (which I would be most impressed with) would be along the lines:
I am searching for a company that will utilize all of my talents as a receptionist and office assistance. The position I seek will afford me the opportunity to use my communication and people skills, as well as my working knowledge of computer software packages and office equipment. The position should present various challenges, opportunity for growth, and rewards commensurate with performance.
Good Luck in your career and employment search
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First of all, follow the standards of resume making and then in your resume make objective heading and write:   Seeking for Challenging position enabling me to contribute positively, utilizing my abilities and skills, acquainted through experience and education with potential towards the growth of the organization and me.
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The duties and objectives that a receptionist should have will depend on where the receptionist is working, such as at an office, a salon, or at a hotel. Some general job objectives, however, can include greeting guests and visitors in a friendly manner, efficiently taking all internal and external calls and transfering calls to the appropriate office, or department when necessary.

The receptionist will usually be required to arrange appointments and to keep precise records of all appointments taking place in the office. General record-keeping and clerical duties are usually part of a receptionist's job description. This normally involves managing client files and accounts, sending out invoices and balancing accounts. As a result, a receptionist must have very good organizational skills.

A receptionist should also be able to provide basic information on the services offered by the given business or office to prospective clients. In the case of hotels, receptionists are in charge of controlling keys to rooms and all cash or credit transactions.
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All the above answers are right on the mark!Like any job its what you can do for the company that always got me the job, also don't brag about what you know and always give the impression that you are willing to learn. I hope this is helpful good luck!
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A receptionist  should depend on where the receptionist is working.a receptionist will usually be acquired to arrange appointment $to keep precise records of all appointment taking place in the office
A receptionist must have very good organization skill.
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