What Was The Duties Of Airport Ground Staff?


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If you have ever found yourself sitting on a plane waiting to take off while looking at the ground staff outside or inside the airport terminal, you may have also found yourself wondering what their job role actually entails.

The duties of airport ground staff may vary from one airport to another and will depend on whether they are working for a specific airport management company, or an airline. It is beneficial if they can speak more than one language as this will help them communicate with passengers from various countries. Generally though their duties may include the following:

Inside the airport terminal:

- Checking passengers in for flights.
- Re-routing or re-booking passengers whose flights have been cancelled or delayed.
- Assisting disabled passengers or those travelling with young children.
- Giving passengers up-to-date information on flights.
- Assisting passengers with all enquiries, including lost or delayed baggage.
- Assisting staff in carrying out security checks as and when the situation arises.
- Delivering high levels of customer service to passengers and those travelling through the airport.

Outside the airport terminal

- Handling all the loading and uploading of passenger bags from the aircraft.
- Helping direct passengers on to and off the aircraft.
- Directing landed aircraft to taxi spots.
- Providing services such as steps from the aircraft for passengers and crew to disembark the aircraft.
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Ground staff duties ... Are .. One of one coustomer handling ,,,, and verry god  cosustomer realashainship ....

  Thanks to you...

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