What Are Some Interview Question For Ground Staff?


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Assuming this question is about ground staff at an airport, interview questions may revolve around how to deal with luggage, how much one can lift, and how to help a plane arrive at the gate.

  • Basic questions
Ground staff members for airports have certain requirements that need to be met. There are lifting requirements such as being able to lift 100 pounds due to the luggage that might come through from passengers. Ground staff may also be asked about what equipment they have licensed to run such as the luggage trolleys, food service carts, airplane stairs, and other jet way mechanical equipment. Basic questions can involve certifications and schooling based on the position one is applying for.

  • More detailed questions
Questions during interview for ground staff can also revolve around teamwork. A person may be asked what important role they played as part of a team. Another question may be more pointed towards solving a team or customer service dispute. Time management questions are often a part of ground staff or crew questions because everything in an airport, especially at ground level, is based on timing. One has to be able to work under tight deadlines and turnaround times.

Interview questions may examine past experiences in employment, such as if one was ever a part of a ground crew before. There may be some innocuous questions such as one's favorite color or other things of the like. These questions are looking for how inventive one can be and how quick a person can answer such a question.

Though these interview questions can seem like ground breakers, they are also good for seeing how one responds and how seriously one takes the questions. It is a psychological test in many circumstances.
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