How To Write An Leave Application For A Festival?


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Writing a leave application for a festival is very simple. Firstly, address the application to your employer. State that you would like to request leave, giving the exact dates you would need to be absent from work. Then, explain your reason for leave - the festival, which can be assumed to have religious or cultural connections. You should mention what type of festival it is you are attending, although there is no need to go into too much detail - you could, however, say how important it is to you and your family. Round the letter off by stating you hope your employer will consider your application.

If the festival you are set to attend is related to your religion, culture or something similar, it is highly likely you will be granted leave. This is assuming you do not regularly take time off, or miss days of work, in which case your employer may be reluctant to grant you time away. However, if the festival is purely for entertainment purposes - for instance, if it is a music festival - you may not be so lucky. In this case, it would be better to save some of your annual holiday time to attend the festival in question.

  • Taking leave from work
Work leave may be taken for a number of reasons. Firstly, it may be granted if you or a dependent are ill, or require hospital treatment that prevents you from attending work. Sick leave can usually be taken for up to three days, after which an official Doctor's note would be required for the leave to continue. Alternatively, leave could take place in you or your partner is pregnant, or you have a newborn baby (this is known as either maternity or paternity leave). Asides from medical reasons, leave will usually have to be approved by the employer before it can take place. You should also check whether or not your leave will be paid.
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I would like you to request, can you please schedule week off from
02/09/2017 to 05/09/2017 (Saturday to Tuesday). I am going to native
place for Onam.

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