What Is The Nature And Importance Of The Job Training?


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Job training is very good concept. It helps the individuals to know the requirements of the job and thus after training they become able to perform their duties in most efficient and productive manner. The nature of every job training is to educate the employees about the company and it's product. It also helps the trainers and the company to know about the best potential they are acquiring.
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The nature of job training depends on the type of job one is being trained to do. If the job entails some type of manual labor, on the job training is usually best. A trainer or instructor demonstrates or has someone demonstrate each aspect of the task to be done, and the students practice the task under supervision. Other types of jobs require classroom training. After that the employees will probably require some practice doing the job before their performance can be evaluated.

Job training is rather important. How can employees be expected to do a job without being trained for it? They have to learn what is expected of them and what they can expect from the job. It gives employees an opportunity to ask questions and to practice what they have been taught. It also gives the instructors a chance to become familiar with the trainees and to gain some insight into their potential.
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Importance of on the job training to the students
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On Job training provides the fresher to learn the work culture very easily.

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