Can Discuss The Nature Of Job Analysis?


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1. Conduct an overview of the orginization(examine the whole orginization to see how every post fits in with the others)
2. Define the need for job analysis(what will it be used for?)
3. Select the jobs to be analysed(a representative sample may be chosen, eg it is to costly to analyse each typist)
4. Decide the method of use
5. Compile a job description( description of the job and tasks of the job)
6. Compile job specification( description of the human qualities needed for the job)
7. Job design
8. Constantly evaluate and ajust job design
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Job analysis is a process which deals with the analysis of the requirements of a job. The nature of a job analysis is totally dependent on the purpose of the job analysis. For example, the general purpose of the job analysis is to list the nature of the tasks done in a specific job. Therefore, in this case the nature of the job analysis can be an observation method or a diary method. Sometimes, job analysis is done to bring improvements in the jobs like for training needs and compensation plans. In this case nature of the job analysis can be supervisor's interview. Therefore, the nature of the job analysis vary depending upon the aim of job analysis. Some common methods for job analysis include observation method, worker's interview, supervisor's interview, diary method, critical incident method and many many others.

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