How Are Strategic, Tactical And Operational Plans Different?


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According to the principles of management, there are various differences between strategic, tactical and operational planning.

The expectations of each are fundamentally different, as are the ways in which they are implemented.

Below is a quick synopsis of how the three approaches differ:

The difference between strategic, tactical and operational planning.
Strategic, tactical and operational planning are all management approaches that are concerned with effective organization and performance-management.

All three form a key part in the concept of 'means-end', because low-level targets are seen to be interlinked with achieving high-level goals.

However, they differ in the following ways:

-Strategic planning - is concerned with designing a plan with the entire organization in mind, rather than the goals of each individual level or division. This requires looking ahead and examining the repercussions of specific actions further down the line.

-Tactical planning - Involves short-term goals, and a stronger focus on low-level achievement. It operates on the basis that progress needs to be built from the bottom up, and strategy is then developed on this progress by middle management.

-Operational planning - is often used in conjunction with tactical planning. The operational method requires management to identify targets and ensure lower-level accomplishment through delegation and supervision.

Policy and procedures are set to implement processes, and these can be adapted to accommodate changes over time.
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Strategic Plan: Is a plan which is processed, monitored and evaluated and then analyzed to expend the plan by improving skills towards achievements.

Tactical Plan: Is a plan which is implemented to improve thoughts on how to change the process.

Operational Plan: Is a plan which is used to expect an ability to do and to chronologize each activity or action properly.
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  • Strategic is a plan in process, designed to prosper the organization
  • Tactical is implementing the order and tactic used to accomplished a goal
  • Operational planing is controlling or managing the process of the organization

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