What Is The Disadvantages Of Fashion?


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One of the disadvantages of fashion is that it may be uncomfortable to wear hip and stylish designs. Sometimes, the hottest fashion designers create body-conscious styles that are tight and even restrictive. High fashion footwear for women be also be also incredibly uncomfortable; in fact, the models who walk the runways in Paris and New York often stumble and fall (in front of a phalanx of photographers) because they must wear sky-high heels or platform shoes. Often, the fashions seen on runways are quite stylized and extreme; however, in real life, these extreme styles tend to be "watered" down for the general population.

  • Men's fashion can also be restrictive and uncomfortable - for example, many men hate wearing suit jackets and neckties. Suit jackets are often fitted tightly on the body, making it difficult to give the arms a full range of movement. Neck ties may make certain men feel choked or claustrophobic. Dress shirts with tight, stiff collars are cause discomfort in some men.

  • Fashion may also be out of reach to some people, who may be unable to afford the latest styles and accessories. In high schools, junior highs, and even elementary schools, boys and girls often judge their peers based on what they are wearing or which accessories they own; this is one reason why uniforms are chosen for certain schools.
Another disadvantage of fashion is the way it is portrayed in mass media... Thin models wear clothes that highlight their unrealistic physiques. For many men and women, trying to look like male or female fashion models is very difficult, and this comparison between "ideal" bodies and normal bodies can cause body issues, such as body dysmorphic disorder. Anorexia, bulimia, and abuse of drugs and laxatives may all be practiced by males and females who try to attain the thinner bodies that are so prized by the fashion industry.
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The main disadvantage of  fashion is that the one who loves to be fashioned is merely ruining their natural beautiness
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The most expensive clothes look the stupidest
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It creates demand for clothes which are not needed.
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The disadvantage of fashion is that they waste their time looking at their outer beauty and what they wear than what matters on the inside.
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If I become a fashion designer (which I plan to do) it will not by all means be to make people do that. I will simply design clothes. It is not all about outer beauty that is not what I think.

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main disadvantage of fashion is that it makes difference between humans economy status like rich or poor. Rich people wear expensive cloths to show their richness. But poor youngsters do lot of efforts to match them.

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The main disadvantages of fashion for us is that it becomes the basis of who you are. Your personality is now being defined by what type of women's clothing you wear, how nicely you dress yourself, and what brands of clothing you wear. 

Fashion even creates peer pressure among teens who are not so good with it. Not everyone can afford an allowance for clothing -  therefore it turns out to be not a need but a want.


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If we are talk about today's scenario then without fashion or latest
trend hard to survive in industry like modelling, fashion etc. But some
disadvantages of the fashion to general people are some times they can't
afford it, some times it doesn't suit them, some time size can be
issue. Etc. So main disadvantage is GREEDY nature of human.

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Mass production lowers the quality of fashion pieces. Fashion designers care less for the real body shapes and sizes. And last but not the least, everyone feels qualified to work in some segment of the fashion industry, at least to be a fashion blogger.

However, new generations are getting more and more aware of the fact that fashion brings art into our everyday lives and they are also more sustainable consumers. That's why fashion brands tend to adjust to the needs of the consumers that do not tend to blindly follow trends. There are also fashion experts such as Niche Fashion, who are focused on helping businesses to increase productivity and profitability. That's why I believe that fashion will overcome these disadvantages and become more focused on needs and comfort of every individual customer.

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It makes young people (especially girls) want to be like the models they are showing in the magazines and lots of them are loosing their lives because they want to be skinny and ''beautiful'' like them. This should be stopped by the companies bringing in average sized models.

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