What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Autocratic Management?


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. Quick decision making
. Effective when employing many low skilled works

. No two way communication so employed are demotivated, (no positive feed backs)
. Creates "them and us"attitude between managers and workers
. Increase staff turnover because staff are not consulted and do not feel valued
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Put briefly, the advantages and disadvantages both come from the same source - everything is down to one person. So an efficient autocrat will get things done very well because s/he has everything under control - but if s/he makes mistakes there will be big trouble, because no one else has a chance to put them right. The other big problem is what happens when the autocrat goes and there is no structure in place to keep things going?
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There are various advantages and disadvantages of autocratic management and some of them are as follows:

The first advantage of autocratic management is that there is consistency and efficiency in how projects are handled. Secondly, in autocratic management there is less confusion among the staff. It also increases the responsibility of one's role in an organization. Employees follow a set of rules and patterns therefore, there is less uncertainty. The less uncertain environment increases the speed of decision making.

If autocratic management provides a greater control on the decision making then it also lowers the accountability of the individuals because communication, decision-making, and projects are in hands of few people. This also demotivates the middle level and lower level employees. Employee empowerment is low in autocratic management and it lowers  reativity and innovation in the environment.

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