Does Anyone Know The Disney Children Audition?


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I'm also looking for a good child audition for a t.v show for disney. I'm 11. Please add some links to websites for me to check out. Thanks for all your help!!:)
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Fortunately, there are a number of agencies that arrange Disney channel auditions for children. You would need to send them your portfolio and they will call you when an opportunity arises. Here is a link to such an audition agent where you can go for auditioning, you will also be able to get free casting calls and find many auditions:
Disney auditions
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Again, this is completely wrong. Actors do not use a "portfolio", models use those.

If you have an agent, they submit your headshot and resume to the casting director. Then if they are looking for your type, they call you in to audition. If you have no agent, you can try sending in your headshot and resume yourself, and just keep your fingers crossed.

The link that is posted is not a Screen Actors Guild Agency or an Association of Talent Agents signed agency. Those are the only types of agents that legit studios and production companies deal with, including Disney.

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There is an audition for as the bell rings. That is a show on Disney channel. You have to go on the Disney Channel site and you can follow the links.

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