What Are The Leadership Styles Of Donald Trump, Bill Gates And George W. Bush?


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Bill Gates was very much a leader of delegative and participative styles as is Donald Trump. Bush leaned closer to the style of autocratic and never double guessed his own decisions though he did use participative leadership also.

  • Leadership styles
There are essentially three leadership styles which are: Participative, delegative and autocratic.

  • Participative
The participative leadership style is basically democratic. It allows team members or employees to make business suggestions and is a style whereby the leader will listen and consult with his employees before making any decisions. The advantages of this leadership method are that tactics and strategies will be more varied and thought out. It also allows a happier thus, better, workforce which will in effect improve profits.

  • Delegative
Delegative means that the workforce does not necessarily have to get permission from the boss to undertake tasks. They are trusted fully to make decisions without consultation. If this was the only method used in a company or organization, the risks include the employee making the wrong decision or the boss being kept in the dark about the goings on of the business. If the employee is successful in their work, the advantage includes the leader not having to have too much input to make the business a success. It also encourages the workforce to aim higher in their career.

  • Autocratic
Autocratic does not allow such freedom for the workforce. It sways more to the dictatorship style of leading. This way the employees have next to zero input of business tactics and the leader is in full control. This method has more disadvantages than advantages in terms of making the business a success.
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There are basically two types of leadership styles including autocratic and participative. Donald Trump has participative leadership style whereas other two have democratic styles of leadership. Both have different uses and advantages of these leadership styles vary from person to person.

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