What Are The Differences Between Japanese And US Corporate Leadership Styles?


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Besides having a plethora of differences in their respective cultures, the corporate leadership styles of Japan and the United States are no exception to this, the differences in both styles being a direct consequence of their culture and society norms.

The first difference, dealing with employee recruiting and appraisal, between the two leadership styles is, Japan believes in lifetime employment and lifetime leadership whereas the US has a very short-term approach.
Unlike Japan that has very rare lay-offs, lay-offs in the United States are quite frequent.

The second difference between the two styles is that regarding career paths. While Japanese leaders encourage a more general career path, espousing job rotation to a great extent, American leaders choose the approach of specialization and job rotation is not a common practice at all.

As for the decision-making styles, Japanese managers seek the consensus of all the group members who are relevant to the decision, incorporating a democratic approach. In the case of the corporate leaders of the US, they believe in making individual decisions and mutual consent for the decision is not necessary.

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