Will A Warrant In Another State Show Up On A Background Check For Employment?


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Only if it's a felony warrant.
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chanel mccall
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How do you know??? Im trying to get a supervisor position at a retail store and she scared me when she said background... It was just a ticket for loud music
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Your ticket sounds like a misdemeanor, if it is, its not going to show up. If that's all, then admit to the ticket and dont lie. If there is more and its a felony, well it will show up on a police search or on any state job. Most employers don't spend a lot on a extensive search, I would think.
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Most likely if they do a NCIC check which is a nationwide background check, but if it is a ticket for loud music you need not to worry. It's  usually felonie arrest warrants and a runaway fugitive from justice and sex offenders and etc.... All that stuff that would be cause to worry . Rinky dinky ticket ' Nope . Don't worry you're good

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