What Are Advantages And Disadvantages Of External Recruitment?


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"Hiring externally brings with it both advantages and disadvantages not present with promoting externally:
Potential Advantages:

A) Provide the company with new and fresh ideas.

B) Reduce training expenses by hiring an employee experienced with working at your required level.

C) May produce less turmoil and be less upsetting to the current organisational hierarchy.

D) Allows for swift growth. 

E) Can increase the diversity within a company.

F) Can make the company more popular on the job market, especially in the current economic conditions.

Potential Disadvantages:

A) Takes longer and can cost the company more.

B) It can be difficult to tell by the candidate's information whether they will fit in well with the company and its employees.

C) Destroys incentive for current employees to aim for promotion, therefore damaging productivity.

D) Candidate can take time to become familiar with current systems.

E) Current employees may produce conflict over new ideas brought in by the outsider.
So, in conclusion, External recruitment can by of huge benefit to a company as it brings new people into the organisation, along with new ideas. However, it also has its disadvantages, and it is up to you to decide whether internal promotion or external recruitment is best for your company.
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External recruitment
-Outside people bring in new ideas
-Larger pool of workers from which to find the best candidate
-People have a wider range of experience

two possible benefits of external recruitment over internal recruitment of a company
1. Introduction of new ideas, approaches and views, not entrenched in company politics and issues.
2. No problem of promoting one worker over others risking friction & resentment.

Internal recruitment DISADVANTAGES

-Limits the number of potential applicants
-No new ideas can be introduced from outside the business
-May cause resentment amongst candidates not appointed
-Creates another vacancy which needs to be filled
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Internal pro: You have absolute control
internal con: You have limited time and money for complete screening

external pro: A recruiter has more prospects available and typically a very organized screening process
external con: A recruiter costs money
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External recruitment has increased in the companies because of the benefits which the organizations gain from the external recruitment. The major benefit of external recruitment is that it brings fresh minds in the organization. The externally recruited persons may have more innovative skills and ideas. He may have more passion and motivation to make his position in the organization therefore, he may perform well. The company can also bring new talent in the organization and the interest of the potential candidates to be recruited in a specific organization is also increased. Moreover, it is the social responsibility of the organization to give the chance to all the eligible candidates without any discrimination. Therefore, it enhances the overall image of the organization.
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Advantage  of external  recruitment of worker
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External recruitment has some advantages and disadvantages. First of all, we will talk about the advantages.

Advantages of external recruitment:

1. Fresh skills for better input: It is a better possibility to identify new skills for a company when you hire candidates externally. With this external process, you may know that they are capable to deliver better input for the organization growth.

2. Promote better competition: Company will give you a chance to face better competition. Companies look for those candidates who have risk-taking ability.

3. Ideas from other business: External job applicants will be able to offer ideas that are new and unique.

Disadvantages of external recruitment:

1. Candidates recruitment with limited understanding: Individual have less chance of understanding your organization’s environment when you hire through an external process.

2. Issues of adjustment: New employee will not be able to adjust with the new environment and the existing employees. They can leave your organization.

3. Time-consuming: External recruitment consume more time because you have a need to post advertisements for your recruitment drive.

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External recruitment will offer your company the chance to see thing from a new perspective. Many times a new person will allow the company to function differently and hopefully this will be better than before, but it isn't guarantied. An external recruitment also comes in without the influence of others. This clean slate will mean they don't have the negative qualities that others have picked up yet.

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