What Is Active Listening?


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People are always surprised to know that human beings listen to not more than 25 percent of the things that are said to them when the circumstances are good. If the environment is not conducive to listening the average human being will listen to about 10 percent of the things that are said to him.

Active listening is a skill that is being practiced in organizations all over the world to improve the productivity of meetings. When you are listening actively you assimilate more of what the speaker is saying, this will help you take more informed decisions. The listener as well as the speaker has an important role to play in active listening. The listener should be well aware of the agenda of the meeting; the speaker should be precise and concise, the listener should be given the opportunity to voice his/her views, the listener should be taught to interject. A good speaker could get turned off if he is interrupted rudely. Both the speaker as well as the listener should be able to give and take feedback.

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