What Are The Basic Principles Of Time Management?


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What are the basic principles of time management to be applied of time management to be applied by the entrepreneur
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Only by doing basic time management, one can avoid a great length of stressors from his or her life. Here is a brief how to.

Basic Principles of Time Management

1. Each day, make a list at first to get the things done.
2. Set a priority level to each item of your list. Plan to do the toughest things first, and save the easier tasks for later in the day when you are low on energy.
3. Arrange your work schedule in best possible way so that you can take best advantage of the hours when you work best.
4. Always set aside a block of time when you can work without any disruptions.
5. Be flexible about changes in your schedule so that you can handle unexpected events and situations occurred, if any.
6. Set aside time in your daily schedule for exercise such as jogging, aerobics, or brisk walking. You'll find that the time spent is well worth it and may even increase your productivity.
7. Do not forget to keep some times each day or week in which you always do some planned leisure activity ~ after all, everybody needs a break!

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