What Qualities Are Needed To Be A Soldier?


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To get in the army a UK citizen will need:
 A determined person,
 Physically and mentally fit,
 Be organised,
 Willing to take orders,
 Be able to communicate well,
 Reliable,
 Medical requirements,

They have to be a determined person because if they are not determined then they wont get very far, if they are mentally fit but not physically fit then that will let them down and it might stop them getting in their chosen service but if they have both then they have a better chance of getting in to their chosen service. If they are not organised and reliable then they wont get that far because in the army you have to be organised for everything and also be on time which comes under reliable. You have to have good medical requirements for the army because if you have a heart problem they are more likely to say no to letting you in but if you have nothing wrong with you and can pass their basic training then they are more likely to ay yes to being in the army. You have to be willing to take orders because there is no point in joining the army if you just want to do your own thing, the orders are there to make your time in the armed forces a lot easier for you and you will enjoy it more then if you are being shouted at all the time for disobeying the orders.

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