What Skills And Qualities Are Needed To Be A Travel Consultant?


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A travel consultant will book holidays, flights and accommodation for people when they travel abroad or travel within the same country. They will advise customers on where they believe a suitable destination would be for the customer based on quickly meeting them and often first impressions. Because of this, a travel consultant must be extremely good at communicating with people to gain the necessary information to establish a suitable holiday destination. Other vital skills and qualities include:
  • Good sales technique - A travel consultant is fundamentally a sales position as holiday packages are sold to customers. Selling additional extras such as holiday insurance and or extra baggage weight may also be required to meet targets.
  • Excellent customer service skills - A polite and welcoming manner and a friendly and confident personality is essential for a travel consultant who needs to initially attract and welcome potential customers. Friendly, chatty people will often find it easy to converse with a customer, building a relationship that the customer trusts and is more likely to purchase a holiday from.
  • Knowledgeable - A travel consultant must be able to provide on the spot information regarding a specific destination and possibly even about hotels and other travel companies such as airlines and rail travel.
  • Efficient and well organized - It may be necessary to deal with many deals at once so a travel consultant must be able to multitask and remain efficient, even when they have many things going on at once.
  • Interest in travel - Having passion and interest in the specific holidays which are being sold will ensure a travel consultant is successful. The customers will recognize their interest and be more inclined to purchase a holiday from someone who seems enthusiastic about a specific destination.
  • Able to work under pressure - A travel consultant may need to deal with a shop full of customers eager to book their summer holiday. It is essential to stay cool under pressure and deal with each customer in a professional manner.
  • Experience working within the travel industry would be a bonus. Qualifications in travel and tourism for example may be required.
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become a travel consultant, people require having some vital skills and qualities.
And those skills include the ability to sell holiday packages, good
communication skills, customer support service, and thorough knowledge
regarding the specific destination, efficient organization skills, ability to
work under pressure, experience in the travel industry.  When you fulfill
all these requirements, you can easily apply for the best-suited job by taking
the help of Monster India.  You will certainly get the call from an
employer and crack the interview later on.

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1.  Customer friendly

2. Knowledgeable

3.  Experience in travel Industry

4. Able to work under pressure

5. Should be polite and calm by nature.

Customer friendly company

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First of all, I think that a travel consultant should have
good communication skills to understand the questions being asked and to give
relevant information. Additional qualities that they should have are:
Friendliness, politeness and comprehensibility. Personally, I do not like
manipulative consultants. I hope my answer is helpful to you.

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