What Types Of Jobs Can A Felon Expect To Get?


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Well you can do lawn care ,home improvements like minor repairs ,  painting and stuff like that or just fill out an application I am sure you will find a job just because you are a felon someone will give you a chance just think about it as a new start and a door will open for you I am sure.
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Roofers make good money, and so do some of the builder's trades. Lots of restaurant's have job openings that do not discriminate against convicts. Landscaping companies employ convicts that are clean and present well. I would look for a labor position in a building profession, that way you can learn a skill and move up the ladder with better pay and sometimes benefits.
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NOW that your a Felon you qualify for Fed. Grants and training! Be it college or trade schools!
I'd look THERE!
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Actually it depends a lot upon what crimes you were tried for and what you were convicted for. 

Depending on the crime, there may be jobs that a felon is restricted from.  For instance a person convicted of child molestation will be forever barred from any job that involves working with children.

There may also be major trust issues by employers.  A person convicted of theft or embezzelment will almost assuredly have trouble finding a job where there is any potential for handling of money.  They may also be "harrassed" in that anytime anything is misplaced they could be seen as the "thief" should they get a job.  I would imagine for those that commit non-violent crimes, thieves have some of the greatest problems getting jobs.

Depending on position within a criminal organization or business prior to conviction a criminal may have no problems getting a job.  I read once of a former drug lord that listed on his resume that before his conviction he ran an organization that made over $20,000,000 in profits a year, had like 100 employees, had a growth of 30% a year, blah blah blah, and companies were actively recruiting him to come to work for them.  To them it showed initiative and great corporate potential.

One thing, do not lie.  Be honest.  Admit your prison time.  Be as truthful about the circumstances as possible even if they put you in a bad light.  People respect honesty.  It might not get you a job, heck you might even lose a job that they were willing to hire you for before you told them, but when you find one, you will have to screw up to lose it.  You will never have to be afraid of people finding out.  You can look your co-workers in the eye and know you are as valuable if not more valuable to your boss than they are.  As time passes, if you are a good employee, your boss and co-workers might even look at it like a bad time in your life and be willing to talk about it with full respect for you.  A lot of people have screwed up really bad and do not hold that you screwed up as much against you as you might think, especially if they know everything, and know/trust in their hearts that it is now in the past.

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Well as an ex felon 3 times over, I can understand your question and sympathize with you, the likelyhood of 'GETTING THAT CHANCE
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Well just because your a felon Don"t mean your not a good person. Just be as positive as you can about the job your apply for and sell your what I mean by that is find out all information on that job. Then you say to them that you have the skill"s and how you you enjoy working with the public plus how your a team player ect.....Never give up putting in application"s in, you know because some one will give you a chance in a new start! I was giving a chance I feel so good about myself for not giving up on myself!

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