What Are The Career Objectives Of A Teacher?


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The basic career objectives of a teacher can be vaguely summarized as aiming to create a classroom atmosphere beneficial to physical, mental and emotional, as well as psychological, academic and creative growth of students, within which they are able to recognize and utilize personal abilities in a constructive manner.
  • Examples of Teacher Career Objectives
Further examples of possible career objectives for teachers, as gleaned from a variety of sources listing excerpts from teacher's resumes, are listed below. These will demonstrate how career objectives of a teacher can vary between individuals. Samples have been paraphrased to save space.
  • Teaching Career Objective
Learning old and new teaching strategies and implementing them in everyday interaction with students; sharing experience and knowledge with students and other members of staff; motivating students to learn and become independent.
  • Career Objective for Teacher
Facilitating students with the ability to gain intellectual and practical knowledge; providing essential academic, creative, mental and emotional support to enable students to realize their potential and improve learning ability, as well as performance reports.
  • Career Objective of a Teacher of Science
Exploring new levels of the teaching position; emphasizing student's extracurricular activities and learning standards to become an important part in student's growth and create an interest in Science in them.
  • Drama and Literature Teacher Career Objective
Facilitating improved learning of dramatics and literature; enabling students to develop latent talents by enabling them to use those talents in both theoretical and practical exercises.
  • General Career Objective of a Teacher
Implementing unique teaching practices and using a cordial nature to build a rapport with students and fellow staff; creating an interest to learn in students.

These excerpts make it clear that career objectives of teachers depend very much on personal outlook, although all agree that the main objective is to motivate and teach students.
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Career objectives for such a teacher can be as follows:
I want to pursue a postgraduate degree in education because I want to get better skills and education in order to impart quality education to the students. I believe that students are the assets of the Nation and I want to be part of their better grooming. My masters degree would enable me to do better in my field.
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They want to see that YOU leave their class on the level or above those required in your area!
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Teacher is considered to be nation builder hence the objectives should be TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE NATION USING OUR TALENTS
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Teacher builds the ground to improve the students with managerial capability and problem solving skills so that can make healthy nation

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