How The Basic Function Of Management Are Inter-related?


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Four Functions To Management Management is defined as the
process of working with people and resources to accomplish
organizational goals. Today everyone has or will deal with management
in one way or another. Some of us are managers, others work with
managers and others ask to speak to managers. Management does not only
involve managers, it’s how a manager performs their daily task. There
are four basic functions in management Planning, Organizing, Leading
and Controlling in which each function takes an important role in a
manger daily activities.
Planning is one of the most common functions of management. Planning
involves setting goals and determining a course of action for achieving
these goals. Planning is a process that consist of several steps. The
process begins with goals that management in an organization want to
achieve in the present and in the future. Managers must establish goals
on what needs to be achieved and when. Managers must then identify
alternative courses of action for achieving goals. After evaluating the
various alternatives, managers must make decisions about the best
courses of action for achieving goals. They must then express necessary
steps and ensure effective implementation of goals. Finally, managers
must constantly evaluate the success of their goals and take corrective
action when necessary.
Organizing is another function of management that involves developing
an organizational structure that ensures the accomplishment of goals.
Organizing ensures the duties and responsibilities of individual jobs
as well as the manner in which the duties should be carried out. When a
managers are not organized negative outcomes can result which can
include, job satisfaction, organizational commitment and turnover in an
organization (New York: Harper & Row 1973).
Leading in management involves influencing others toward the
accomplishment of organizational goal. Effective leading requires the
manager to motivate, communicate effectively, and effectively use...

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