What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Charismatic Leader?


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* Able to affect change
* Can be an energetic and driving leader
* Has more confidence
* This confidence spreads to the team

* Creates risk on a project
* Can fail due to the added responsibility

A charismatic leader is one that affects change more easily than other types of leaders. They tend to inspire those that they lead because of their heightened enthusiasm and energy. As a driving force they are able to come to a solution with ease.

Holding the solution and getting all the changes made can be difficult, though. Most charismatic leaders tend to have more confidence in themselves over that of their people. It can create an unsettled feeling. It definitely provides risk to a project being worked on. It could collapse the entire leadership due to an undermining of others' abilities.

Success is connected based on the presence of the leader. Once the leader takes a step back, success can dwindle. In certain charismatic leadership situations the leader is meant to be a friendly face, with a staff behind them.

In most cases the charismatic leader has great responsibility and requires a long term commitment to being a leader. The leader has to strive for many years to affect the change they want because they work on building up the confidence of those they lead. They are seen as more trustworthy, which can also be a problem for those who believe and the person turns out to be false.

A charismatic leader can be someone in politics, religion or other industries. They are the person most turn to when a project needs doing in the hopes that they can follow the appropriate leader to get the job completed appropriately.

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