Should The US Keep Low-skilled Jobs In The US?


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Right now we are in a cycle of our production jobs leaving the u.s. But when the expense becomes just as cheap here the jobs will start to return because the overseas companies will no longer be able to compensate/compete with the low wages just as we are doing today. Simple economics everyone wants something for nothing/or should I say for as cheap as possible. If I have a job that needs to be done I look for the best/fastest/cheapest service for providing the product I need or want. As fuel costs go through the roof other companies will start searching for way to decrease cost to make profits and companies will start to return to the u.s. From other countries.
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Kind of follow what Nomad1 is saying, but I don't see jobs returning anytime soon....sending low skill jobs overseas or outsourcing works primarily because they're standard of living is lower so they can do the job and survive, perhaps thrive... But with our standard of living it is almost impossible to survive off low paying jobs like the ones we're outsourcing, maybe if you had two such jobs.  Anyway, we SHOULD keep low skilled jobs, but we won't as Nomad said, the almighty dollar will see to that... That'll leave unskilled workers here unemployed, seeking government compensation that more skilled workers will have to pay for.  Short term gain, long term problem.

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