Can You Describe Two Indicators Of Under Performance?


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In a workplace, it’s important to know whether or not your employees are underperforming. Underperforming is something that you can recognize rather easily, as long as you keep an eye out. The first thing you need to look out for is what the quality of the work is. No matter what kind of workplace we’re talking about, it’s easy to assess the quality of the work that is being produced by your employee. Simply ask to see the work that is being produced by your employee, and even ask to see the employee for a talk. You can disguise the talk as simply an assessment, to see how the employee is currently fitting into the workplace. You will be able to ask questions about work, and ask how well you think they are being able to perform their job.

The second thing you can do is speak to other members of staff. Hearing bad words from other members of staff is a sure indication of underperformance within the workplace. If you are concerned about an employee, then call in other employees separately to discuss the overall feel of the workplace.

Arrange meetings with all your employees, and ask them about the work that they are currently doing and how well they think it is going. Ask them how they feel in general, and then proceed to ask them about other employees, and whether they have experienced any problems.

Having a close relationship with your employees like this will allow you to find out whether or not employees have a general consensus about one particular individual. Hearing bad words about one worker in particular, throughout the year, is a sure indication of underperformance on behalf of this individual. Once you have two indications, you’ll be able to take appropriate action.
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In evaluating an employee, under performance indicators are, timeliness, accuracy, and knowledge of the task to be performed. Also, work tardiness, best use of company time, personal neatness, and meshing with other workers.

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