Why Do People Follow Fashion?


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Because they are pressured into following (like sheep) fashion by glossy money making (your money) television shows and magazines, with there clever marketing. ''THIS IS WHAT EVERYONE IS GOING TO BE WEARING THIS SUMMER/WINTER'' says a high profile celebrity who is making millions for saying it, multi millionaire fashion designers ''DICTATING'' what you're going to be wearing if you want to be one of the ''in crowd''. Fashion is a multi billion pound/dollar/euro or whatever currency ''SCAM'', that's why fashion changes every year. Sporting clubs change their playing strip every year, they never used to until they realised just just how much money they can make by doing so. These days fashion designers have run out of ideas, so they bring back fashions from decades ago, just to scam your money.
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Everyone has their own perspective of fashion. When we think of fashion, a vague image forms in our mind of models, stylish clothes, runways and similar things. Nowadays, being in fashion is considered very important especially in the eyes of the youngsters. They are ready to spend many dollars just to remain in trend. We often follow our favorite celebs and models.

The reason why people follow fashion are as follows:

1. To prove your identity: People usually follow fashion to create and prove their own identity.  They want to create their own style statement to prove others. You can do this by following the latest fashion trends. The way a person carries themselves is also an important part of fashion.

2. To be confident: The second reason for the following fashion is to look confident. When people are up to date, automatically their confident get boosted up.

3. To impress others: Some people follow latest fashion trends just for impressing others. Usually, people who follow the fashion trends get more attention and are able to grab the attention of most of the people. For this, you can wear latest apparels, leather bracelet charger, sunglasses, shoes etc. Don't forget to wear a quality watch that suits well to your personality.

4. To make successful careers: People also follow latest trends to get a job of their passion. While giving a job interview, if you are looking elegant and classy, your chances of getting selected will get improved.

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To look good and if we not then we would look cheap and too old....I think so...

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